Beer flavoring herbal blends

Beer flavours: how do you like it?

We love beer! We like to drink it but also we like to play with it to discover all new ways to savor it. Our herbal blend expertise bring us to develop ingredients for beer flavouring. It’s suprising how it works!
You master brewer should try how much our herbal flavourings can boost and improve your craftbeer taste.


You can choose among

Minty breeze – he fresh taste of sicilian peppermint and spearmint, really cooling in the hottest days.

Lil’bit bitter – the serious bitter taste of original sicilian artichoke mixed with aromatic herbs to give you a full-rounded great flavor.

Spicy space – the hard taste of spices. Take a rocket to the spicy flavor of black pepper and other hot herbs. To have a warming winter beer or a hot night.

Lemony snippet – the fragrant taste of sicilian citrus. Lemons, oranges, bergamots and tangerines. A wonderful taste trip.

Sicilian sunset – the genuine flavor of Mediterranean nights. Hot and smooth taste for dreaming sensations.

Give your beer a unique personality, give your business the BONISER smart approach for product development.


We can satisfy customer tailored requests. Ask for further details.