Mediterranean Flavorings and Seasonings

BONISER, your natural partner when you need the strong flavor of Mediterranean cooking, a fresh breeze of aromatized sea salt or genuine italian olive oil flavored with top quality herbs.

We produce dried herbs for single use as ingredient in food, beverage, as flavour or seasoning, flavored Sicilian sea salt and flavored olive oil with sicilian ingredients.
They’re suitable for cooking, in food and beverage manufacturing, overall baking goods, sweet goods. A good solution to be sold as is with your label.

If you don’t find a winner idea among our, you’re welcome to share yours and we’ll develop a tailored unique ingredient just for you.


Product list 2018

  • Seasoning blend for meat dishes
  • Seasoning blend for fish dishes
  • Sea salt flavored with Mediterranean Aromas
  • Sea salt flavored with Rosemary and Sage special for roastbeef
  • Olive oil flavored with Sicilian Chilli Pepper
  • Olive oil flavored with Sicilian Rosemary
  • Olive oil flavored with Sicilian Oregano
  • Olive oil flavored with Sicilian Orange
  • Olive oil flavored with Sicilian Wild Fennel


BONISER, where flavours and Nature meet to develop new sensational tastes!


We can satisfy customer tailored requests. Ask for further details.