Herbal teas

We’ve formulated herbal teas for years, we produce our own herbs and take opportunity to bring you best of herbal tea recipes following market trends and new innovative combinations.

Take time to have a BONISER herbal tea and decide where you can add to your product range, with your unique label.

We develop ready to go projects of herbal tea lines to bring all healthy lifestyle directly to your customers. Add your business the BONISER smart approach and let us develop quickly your unique blends!

Beauty herbal teas – antioxidant blends useful to assure hair, nails and skin wellness.
Over 65 herbal teas – devoted to elderly people that need to boost their cognitive and physical performances.
Woman’s health herbal teas – when women need natural help during pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause or menstrual disorders..
Winter herbal teas – our best herbal choice to enhance body defenses and help aerial ways.
Detox herbal teas – to sustain liver and digestive functions, to control weight balance. Natural soft solutions for everyday use.


Choose BONISER to have premium quality ingredients and great tastes for your customers everyday wellness!


* Cited claims are valid for Italy only when the product is commercialized as dietary supplement.


 We can satisfy customer tailored requests. Ask for further details.