Research and Product Development


Research and Development process is a fundamental value for BONISER, where aromatic plants, vegetables and fruits production and processing suffer often lacking of such processes.

While a great number of scientific papers are written every year on aromatic plants and natural extracts, a very few work have been made to improve metabolite content of such ingredients. It would seem that any extract or aromatic plant is the same, but our long time experience says us that to obtain a top quality herb or extract you need to standardize crop on field.

This is the reason because we control a lot of growing parameters and a special step-by-step process permit us to obtain an ingredient with unique characteristics if compared with competitors.

We select on our own plant cultivars more suitable to give the best product, we work on post-harvesting processes to preserve the whole phytochemical profile of the plant, vegetable or fruit. We develop innovative processes to manufacture great ingredients without using solvents, optimizing water and energy resources, avoiding wastes when possible, overall reusing coproducts in a circular way model to obtain even more different products with a value.

In our experimental fields (almost 2 hectares) we grow over 70 different species, we collect germplasm locally thanks to our land great biodiversity, we receive germplasm from local research institutes. We evaluate the growing conditions of each species, variety or cultivar, the agronomic yield, we study through analytical processes the phytochemical profile and the best harvesting time. We apply analytical monitoring to post-harvesting processes and manufacturing, to avoid any depletation of metabolites.

Our know-how is totally devoted to customer for tailored project development.


BONISER, a new discovery every day, research for unique ingredients.