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BONISER, a world of Nature and People.

We’re young, our story started in 2012. It was a perfect time to build an “all-star” team of people with long time experience in agriculture crop production and natural ingredient development.

Thanks to teamwork, modern tech-advanced facilities and quality assessment, we’re proud now to say we can work almost any kind of natural ingredient to obtain a product that satisfy your market need, focusing mainly on ingredients derived from Mediterranean aromatic plants, vegetables and fruit


Nature, our only inspiration… just a step beyond!

Organic certified farmlands, in Italy and overall in Sicily. This is the best and only way to obtain top quality products.

Sicily, home to the ancient Roman and Greek agricultural God, Demeter, is a fertile oasis of land littered with incredible flora that ancient physicians of the past utilized and developed natural ingredients from. Here, in the heart of Sicily, is where we’ve developed BONISER, a modern agricultural company with a focus on obtaining raw materials from these same historical places.

BONISER Research and Development

Giving added value to Human Knowledge

Starting from such a short, organically traceable supply chain, we are able to control our production through botanical identification and metabolite analysis. Final ingredients are controlled through microbiological assays, multiresidual analysis to avoid presence of contaminants, pollutants, heavy metals and aflatoxins.

We already apply GACP guidelines on our fields and HACCP guidelines in process facility, aiming to Kosher and Halal certification within end of 2018 and GlobalGAP and ISO:22000 within end of 2019.





In today’s world, natural ingredients are present in almost any market and in any finished product you find on the shelves. Dietary supplements, fortified foods, enriched beverages, natural juices, flavours and aromas, cooking seasonings, pharmaceutical products, natural cosmetics, pet food and even technological products and fabrics, just to name a few.

Have you been in search of a reliable partner to develop your natural product projects, someone with a long time expertise and smart approach that can satisfy requests quickly? BONISER could be your perfect partner.

You can trust us for:

  • Smart and customer oriented approach
  • Scientific know how and high quality processing
  • Eco-sustainable organic crops




We work with you to satisfy product development requests and to make more accessible these beautiful lands and natural ingredients that can only help your business.
We focus on expertise growing, development of quality assurance and innovative processing methods. This is the reason because BONISER is the new way to produce and process aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables.

BONISER ingredients,
Premium quality guaranteed.